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Both women and men have to know that if they want to be the masters of sexual love they have to
learn the subtlest secrets of this great art – THE ART OF MAKING LOVE.

Here are some interesting secrets about eyes, light and sexuality:
It was shown that the larger our pupil size was the more interested we were in what we were looking at,
and this is also a direct indicator of sexual interest and arousal. Some studies show that men
found photographs of women more attractive when their pupils were dilated. Likewise, women experienced
the same reaction.
Thus one of the completely uncontrollable sexual signals we all display is the dilation of our

Italian women in the 18th century would place tiny drops of belladonna (an extract from the deadly
nightshade plant) into their eyes to artificially dilate their pupils and increase their sex
appeal. While this technique may be a little more impractical nowadays, all is not lost.

Now, you may ask me: “Are you going to tell me that if I dilate my pupils in an artificial manner
I will increase my sexual appetite? And that this works for everybody?”

My answer is: “YES”. Let me explain how: The connection between the emotional state
and bodily state is used here. Of course, your emotional state influences your bodily state but it is also true
that the bodily state can influence your emotional state.
So, when you dilate your pupils in an artificial way, at a subconscious level you make a connection
with the emotional state that corresponds to this bodily state. This way you will awaken in yourself sensuality
the sexual interest.


Tantra Magazine
Are you ready to induce erotic feelings into your lover or into someone who attracts you? Then follow
these steps:
1. Invite him or her to dinner.
2. If you invited him or her to your home then you have two possibilities:
a. Use the electric light dimmer switch to turn down the lights because this will cause
your pupils and your companion’s pupils to dilate.
b. Candle-lit dinner – candlelight is not only flattering to skin color and texture, it
encourages and shows off your pupil dilation and your companion’s pupils dilation as well.
3. If you invited him or her to a restaurant then you have to choose a romantic one that doesn’t
use so much light.

In conclusion, if you want to use light as an aphrodisiac you simply have to reduce its intensity.