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The most part of the human body is covered by hair. The hair has infinite erotic potentialities that you may never thought of.

The delicate and unseen hair from the soft skin areas is an extraordinary means for perceiving erotic sensations and it can confer an intense pleasure when being caressed or erotically massaged.

Playing with the lovers hair, sensually caressing it is sign of love, tenderness, trust and intimacy. But, there are also some rigid persons that they dont like their hair to be touched.

So, we must be attentive and receptive at each of our gesture in order to see if the way we caress our beloved is the most pleasant for her/him.

The long hair can be caressed, even combed with slow, ample movements, the most refined and complex sensations, both for men and for woman, arise when we press the back of the head slowly going up, towards the top of the head, with alternative touches, creating sinuous paths in the hair.

The hair is also a means of receiving, preserving and spreading perfumes. In this case the most important is the hair from the head, but the pubic one and, in the case of men, the hair from the armpit have their role, too.

That is why our hair should have a pleasant smell, dont forget that the hair is the best receiver and preserver of the smells that touch it.

The first smell, be it pleasant or not, that the hair encounters immediately after being washed will last longest, sometimes for days, annihilating other perfumes, scents or smells that we might eventually use.

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In order to give our hair the most pleasant perfume, the most persistent fragrance, we should perfume it immediately after we had washed and dried it.

The persons having long hair may perfume it and then tie it up for some hours in order to preserve the smell. Then they will notice that their hair will still have that pleasant perfume and it will spread it with every ample movement of the head even after few days.

It is useful to avoid the bad smelling areas, places full of smoke or the kitchens where food is being cooked because the hair is sensitive and receptive to any smell, no matter if it is a pleasant or a bad one.

Nowdays most of women remove their hair from the armpit. This could prove the opposite of what we have said before, that is, that our hair has its own charm and perfume. Anyway, we can often notice that is more hygienic and more pleasant to remove the hair from the armpit that could generate problems on the hot days.

Westerner women use to remove from their body by different means as much hair as possible out of aesthetic, erotic and hygienic reasons.

The idea of removing the hair from the body is not a XX century invention; in the ancient times was practiced in the East by certain women, temple dancers and Tantric and Taoist followers who had their sex depilated.

The skin is more sensitive in its depilated areas and it can receive new erotic sensations, which are more profound and intense.

The art of hairdressing with all its products and services already is a vast industry. It follows the same lines like the fashion and the reason is the same: to speculate in the mans wish and preoccupation to increase his aphrodisiac and seductive.

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The hair, no matter where it is, has a strong visual impact either positive or negative. Some women considered that men with their head shaved are sexier; some men are excited by the view and the tactile sensations given by a depilated feminine sex as the skin becomes more sensitive to erotic touches; the men having beard are very attractive to some women, others are simply disgusted by it.

A favorable and an unfavorable attitude is always connected to the approach everyone has to sexuality as the facial hair and the lips are related to the genitals.

For a man, the hair from the chest, chin and legs is a symbol of virility, of a vegetative, instinctive and sensual life, as in the case of the god Pan or of the mythical Samson.