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The Music is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. It creates the most various spirit states starting from the most pleasant ones to the most disturbing and “hard” ones.

Music can transmit all the possible state including powerful erotic messages expressed with more or less discretion.

Besides this, music is able to transport us on her subtle wings, in paradisiacal worlds. In this way it refines and universalizes our love emotions.

Some very erotic tunes have very suggestive rhythms, like heartbeat for example (Ravel’s Bolero); others use a crescendo similar to the sexual excitation or to the orgasm .

Have in mind to let you totally leaded by the music chords; let you fly where the music wants to drive you By experiencing very intensely the music chords, by letting the ineffable harmony of music to flood us, we can feel how our mood changes according to the music.

When you are making love, don’t ever use rock music, heavy music or jazz – no one of these will be able to generate that pleasant atmosphere of intimacy you want to. Use rather blues, inspired electronic music, harmonious symphonic music. The effects will be really miraculously.

However, no matter what kind of music you prefer it is recommended to take also into account the wishes and the preferences of your lover if you want that she (he) also feels good close to you.

Each of us has surely noticed that we get favorable effects by having a bath. The water, the bath, has from the esoteric point of view, a special meaning; it is the symbol of purification, being a preliminary phase in many religious and not only religious rituals.

And the lovemaking could be and have to be seen as a veritable sacred ritual, a magic date of the two lovers in a total embrace. For this, before to start making love, it is good to be “purified” throughout the water.

If we take into consideration the subtle effects of the bath then the simple shower will be more than an important preamble of the lovemaking. It will be an ineffable experience.

It will prepare us both physical and psychic to get close to the lover in a more pure, more sacred way. This fact is known since the antiquity. The Romans had the so-called “thermae” that were used for bath and conversation, which had sex as the main subject.

We encounter the same situation in Japan and in the Ottoman Empire, where it was paid a special attention to the bath. Nowadays, this custom is kept in part by saunas.

When we have a bath or a shower, our nude body is covered by very exciting warm sensations and tender caresses of the water, the skin being, in this way, massed all over, in a very pleasant way.

The bath stimulate also the others senses. For this you can use some volatile oils, which can be added in the warm water. In this way we can easily imagine many charming scenes: a promenade on a field full of well-smelling flowers, or a bed of roses. We could contemplate our nudity reflected in a mirror and imagine a lot of erotic fantasies that will increase our sexual appetite.

The majority of lovers have bath together from time to time. By having a shower together, we start more quickly to make love because the shower stimulates the erotic impulses.

Besides all esoteric and non-esoteric meanings, it is obvious that we have to be very clean when we are with our lovers.

Even a simple and short shower can modify entirely our energetic radiation. For the majority of men but moreover of women, the body cleaning has a very great importance.

Take this into account and you will soon enjoy the effects.