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Breath is a non-verbal means of communication. Breathing in the same rhythm with your beloved is an unique experience that allows you to amplify the sensations and the energy that you use in lovemaking.

Generally speaking, a fast breathing pattern is associated to the state of arousal, and a slow breathing pattern is associated to the state of calmness. Knowing these things, you should choose the breathing pattern associated to the state you wish to obtain.

You can correlate the synchronous way of breathing with the contractions of the various pelvic segments, looking each other in the eyes while you breathe, and thus the effects of this technique will be highly amplified.

A very special sensation will occur if you get close enough to hear and feel your lovers breath and synchronize your breaths this way.

This technique has amazing effects such as deepening intimacy and enhancing ones trust, especially when you are in the beginning of a relationship.

The accord and the harmony between your breath also leads to harmony between the two lovers.

It is enough to be aware of your breathing pattern for a couple of minutes, and then shift your awareness to the common rhythm of your couple, as if you were a unique and complex being, in order to enjoy the states of intimacy induced by this change in the breathing pattern.

The most important sexual organ of a person is the mind. As paradoxical as it may appear, concentration and focus of the mind on inner physical and psychic processes represents the key to success.

The elixir of love long sought by so many people is no different from the capacity to focus; to spontaneously concentrate in a well-established direction.

In order to obtain a good capacity to focus, you need constant practice. For instance, you can follow your breathing pattern or you can focus on tactile sensations.

Sit in a comfortable position, spine straight and palms on the knees. Visualize a white, bright sphere placed in the genital area, as if it was on fire.

Visualize this white flame going up your spine until it reaches your head, exploding as if it was a fountain of light, and then begin with the genital area again. One repetition of this process should take 2-3 seconds.

Maintain this image for several minutes and then perceive a state of refinement and an enhanced erotic energy filling up your body, doubled by a feeling of security and enhanced concentration.

The techniques of sexual practice or the various erotic positions regardless of their complexity or acrobatics are not sufficient to bring you erotic fulfillment.

Tantra Magazine

In order to be happy and fulfilled, you need to participate with all the force contained in your being; with your entire affective force in the erotic act. Know that love is the best method that leads to the desired results.

The problem is that love is not a technique to be practiced and learned, and in order to participate with your entire being, with your entire soul and with your entire mind, you need to be aware of the source, of the origin of this energy inside of you.

For this, sexologists advise to deepen and explore as much as possible every erotic sensation you experience.

It is also highly useful to be aware of the fact that sexual energy is a form of manifestation for the energy of life, which sustains human beings and the entire universe.

If you persevere in this effort of self-exploration, you will notice how much erotic sensations are refined, as they become sources of joy and light that touch the very core of your being.