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There are in our lives moments that influence us deeply from a psychic point of view, whether we are aware of this fact or not.

These influences refer to certain very powerful impressions that we receive either from our environment, or from the people around us, and that remain impregnated in our psychic.

Although we are not always aware of what is going on around us and about what is “stored” in our subconscious, our psychic is subject to various subtle impregnations.

Some of the most important and significant impregnations occur during lovemaking. This is the process which the specialists name “sexual recording”.

Most people are the subjects of incidents of unconscious sexual recording, such as the education received during childhood and the first sexual experiences. Consequently, we are permanently under the conditions set by the impressions we receive from the exterior.

Especially in the case of erotic actions, when the person is completely open towards the other, we are highly influential. Therefore, we all need to be extremely careful at the environment we are in and at the things we feel in the presence of certain people, so that we might overcome any sexual temptation that might cause unpleasant sensations.

We should therefore say a clear and definite no to any compromise, especially of sexual nature, because even if on the spot we do not realize the psychic processes produced, the repercussions will not cease to appear under the form of anxiousness, closing up, even profound trauma.

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It would be much more difficult to understand the motive of their existence later on, and it would be even more difficult to overcome these states.

D.R., 33, chemist tells us: “I was happily married for 7 years, and things were going great. Although certain misunderstandings appeared, we would solve them in no time and all in all we were having a great life together.

Moreover, our relationship was sustained by a great sexual compatibility. Still, I felt at a certain point that something happened and things turned a different way. I no longer enjoyed making love to my wife and I even avoided her presence as much as I could.

Although her body was quite appealing to me before this whole situation occurred, at that time there was something that made me reject her presence. I was into a critical state and the solution seemed pretty far and unreachable.”

After several sessions with the sexual counselor, D.R. realized that the problem was in fact his wife’s new perfume.

Although she has been using for years the same great perfume, she decided to make a change and bought a new perfume. The problem rose because the perfume she has chosen had the most unfortunate “records” for her husband.

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At the age of 22, D.R. has had a completely unsuccessful sexual experience with a woman who used the perfume in question. Without his knowledge, his subconscious associated the perfume with the unpleasant sensations of those moments.

And even after several years, with the smell of the perfume, those sensations came out in the open. In fact, this was the key of the powerful rejection he felt. The remedy was simple: his wife changed the perfume and D.R. became once again the tender, loving husband.

There are certain techniques and practices used to record a different “impression” over the repressive, unfortunate ones that we usually received from our families or from the society.

The wise Tantric masters of the East have considered this problem of subconscious recording in their attempt of transforming lovemaking in a genuine art that would enrich our being on all levels, elaborating a series of techniques design for this special purpose.