Statistically there are couples that risk and couples that do not. Are you part of those who take chances until they become infidels soon?

Alternatively, are you firmly established in your fidelity? How much fidelity and how much infidelity are in your relationship?

Are you about to “cheat on” him/her?
You are “hit on”
A. Daily
B. Weekly
C. Monthly

You know that:
A. Your mom had a love-affair
B. Your dad had a love-affair
C. Your parents were faithful to each other

When you want to make love:
A. You throw provocatively your underwear to him/her
B. You tenderly say what you desire
C. You wait for the other to have desires too

About the studies:
A. You have more diploma
B. You both have the same level, but it does not really matter
C. You have less diploma

You work:
A. In an office
B. Home
C. Do not work

The closest person from you:
A. Has at least two lovers currently
B. Has nobody in his/her life
C. Has only one lover

You live:
A. In a big town
B. In a small town
C. In the country side

You often feel:
A. You love more
B. You love each other just as much
C. It depends on the day

You are:
A. Under 26 year old
B. About 26-30 year old
C. Over 30 year old

Before, you had a number of lovers:
A. 15, 20, 30 who is counting anyway?
B. Between 5 and 10
C. Less than 5

You make love:
A. Monthly
B. Weekly
C. Almost every day

The first time was:
A. Because everybody does it
B. Out of curiosity
C. Out of love

You consider that all passions are:
A. Very erotic
B. Very romantic
C. Meant to fail

The friendship between a man and a woman is:
A. Very ambiguous
B. Appears only after a serious relationship
C. Impossible

During your last argument:
A. You threatened to leave
B. You spent the night somewhere else
C. You slept on the living room sofa

At work:
A. You decide everything
B. You have many responsibilities
C. You have few responsibilities

In case you disagree:
A. You make the final decisions
B. You give in once, he/she gives in next time
C. You let the other decide

About your lover you think:
A. That he/she has a new flaw each day that passes by
B. He/she has changed for the better since you are together
C. It is easy to love a person like he/she

You spend the holidays out:
A. Separately, at times
B. Each with his/her friends and hobbies
C. Always together

Besides making love, the most important thing is:
A. To have as much fun as possible
B. To be able to talk about anything
C. To have many projects together

Your old relationship:
A. You walked out for your present relationship
B. You abandoned it for another relationship, not your present one
C. You separated because the relationship did not work anymore

The last jealousy crisis:
A. Occurred last week
B. Occurred a month ago or even more
C. Nothing of the sort ever happened between the two of you

Your best time is when:
A. You have a lot of friends visiting
B. There is a good movie on the TV
C. When you are with your lover

Majority A
You are about to cheat on your girl/boy friend, even if the idea is not very clear in your head. Despite your moral and religious principles, you are in the category of people with high risks of cheating. Besides, your love affairs do not last that long anyway, right? Just think how would it be if you were cheated upon?

Majority B
Yes and no, you weaver. You play hide-and-seek. You are the type that fantasizes on the inaccessible. What if one day, or one night the object or the subject of your dreams decides to make a move and pay attention to you, you most likely will not hesitate. You are faithful only because there is nobody to be unfaithful with.

Majority C
You two are the very calm type. Few risks, few reasons to seek your happiness outside your couple. You are not naturally endowed with great lying and deceiving skills, you are born with genuine openness, and even a gram of shyness. The others say you are too “domestic”, but in fact they envy you. You do not find the thought of deceiving your lover appealing, and
this attracts only trouble. You are the Romeo and Juliet type.