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Although many people make love in other places than their bedroom, the majority of lovemaking sessions still take place there. Unfortunately, for many people their bedrooms are not conducive to sensual and erotic pleasure.
But it is not difficult to remedy with a little thought and effort.
Even if you don’t have a big bedroom you can still make it more erotic and suitable for lovemaking. Ideally it is not to have children next door, especially if the walls are thin. If you can have a spare room or storage room between you and others, it does make your bedroom feel more private.
Lovemaking is such a private thing for most of people so that they don’t want to be overheard. Many houses are poorly soundproofed and this, particularly if their lovemaking tends to be noisy, puts off some couples. A way for solving this problem is to carpet the floor and to have thick curtains, which absorb the sounds. If things are really bad, it might be possible to board the walls with soundproof material.
While on the subject of the room’s structure it is practical and enjoyable to have a bathroom, shower room or just a washbasin en suite to the bedroom. Being able to wash or shower together without waking other members of the household, makes lovemaking more pleasant and private.

Transform your bedroom into a temple of lovemaking
Lighting is an important feature to the bedroom. Few of us like to make love in bright lights, so try to set things up so you can dim the main light or choose from several smaller lights on bedside tables or the walls. Of course, candlelight is another traditionally romantic alternative.
Another important aspect is the warm from your bedroom. It is certainly essential to be able to warm the room up quickly. If you have central heating there will always be a background warmth but you’ll probably need a small convector or fan heater to warm things up enough to be able to be naked comfortably even on a cold day. When planning a session of lovemaking remember to warm up the room half an hour beforehand so undressing is pleasant and you don’t find yourself diving underneath the bed covers as soon as you are undressed.
Obviously the central feature of your bedroom is the bed itself. It should be as large as you can fit in the room. Ideally, for lovemaking it should be very firm and you should choose a mattress that feels a little too hard when you buy it. All mattresses sag with age and can become a nuisance if the woman’s pelvis sinks too deep into the bed and considerably alters the angle of penetration.

Satin sheets are the most sumptuous. If you can’t afford satin sheets then buy poly-cotton sheets, which, while not terribly sensual, are at least practical. Some people like sheets and blankets, but many like the freedom of a duvet because it can so quickly and easily be turned back or even completely removed for lovemaking.
Anything else you want to do to make your bed more romantic is up to you. You can make a canopy for it, dress it up with a pretty bedcover or, if you feel like really splashing out, you can change your bed into a four poster or even buy a real one complete with drapes and canopy.
Other furniture can be useful if you have the space for it. A chair increases the possibilities for intercourse positions and low couch or chaise langue is a real luxury. Apart from this additional piece of furniture it is probably best to keep the rest of the floor clear so that you can use it for making love on or as a massage surface. Even if you can only afford inexpensive carpet it is best to have it fitted for warmth and sound proofing. If you have sexual toys or other erotica it makes sense to have a separate cupboard, preferably with a lock, in which to keep them.
Some couples like erotic pictures around the place to help create the mood. It’s best to keep really erotic material (such us Kama Sutra ) to yourselves for using where actually making love.
A common fantasy of many people is to watch themselves making love in a mirror. This can be achieved but takes some setting up, unless you have mirror fronts to your wardrobes. By combining several mirrors, considerable variations of view are possible.
You don’t have to forget the music. Instrumental music is better than songs with words. So, choose the music that induces not only erotic feelings but love feelings. If you listen an elevated music it helps you to sublimate the sexual energy and to experience the love ecstasy during intercourse.
Incense sticks, fragrant candles, room perfumes that are put on a light bulb can all add to the mood and raise the sexual appetite. The most important smells are those of your lover, so be sure not to swamp the room with smells.
A couple’s bedroom is not just somewhere to sleep. With some effort, a lot of thought and care, even the most ordinary bedroom can be made into a love nest with all the positive effects this has.