Another important aspect that needs not be overlooked is natural genital odor. Lovers should know and trust each other well enough as to know their genital odor.

Of course that washing often is a must, but nonetheless knowing the other as he or she is greatly improves confidence and intimacy. Use white soap and treat perfume with caution.

The woman’s secret weapon is her very odor: French women knew this and American women ignore it. In ancient times women would even put behind their ears a touch of their vaginal secretions, even as a fixative for perfume. It is said to be deadly for some men, even if they do not understand why.

For some couples the simultaneous 69 kiss does not represent a major breakthrough, nor the ultimate sensation in erotism.

The woman on top 69 position is all right, but it may give the man a stiff neck, so we recommend more heartily the no-cushion position, where the two lovers lie next to each other on their sides, each with their under thigh drawn up as a cushion for their lover’s head.

The mutual kiss can be either long or short, it can last from minutes to hours, according to your will, taste and speed.

If you wish to begin with the 69, you may consider the following option: in the same no-cushion position, the man may start, while she does very little. Then it can be her turn. They can go on to intercourse, putting off more fellatio until later.

They may even combine mouth music with vaginal intercourse, if the woman is up to it. In this way she can abandon herself to lovemaking, and watch her technique when giving him the desired fellatio.

The two lovers may go for the man-on-top position, in which the woman lies on her back, and the man is the active one, filing her mouth as fully and as deeply as she may take it.

The man has to move carefully, to avoid being involuntarily bitten. The reverse equivalent is when she kneels astride and he gives her long tongue strokes, from the vagina to the clitoris.

The two lovers may even try the cascade 69, if she is portable. This is the standing 69, and the woman has the unique opportunity of experiencing orgasm with her head down.

To get into this position, the woman lies on the bed, face up, and legs spread, while the man stands astride her face, bends over and picks her up, legs round his neck.

The first genital kiss to an inexperienced girl is a different situation. The man kneels before her, and opens her up gently. Kiss her all over, beginning with her feet.

Slip one elbow in between her feet and get closer to her vulva. Kiss her closed labia until she is ready for deeper and deeper tongue strokes.

Nonetheless, these days more and more women enjoy being kissed, and seems that less women can get pleasure from kissing the man.

A surprisingly great number of young women cannot perform fellatios without prolonged genital kissing, fact admitted even by the Indian love books.

As a conclusion, exquisite mouth music is perhaps one of the most valued gifts a girl can give to her man, and well worth practicing. A spontaneous genital kiss to a man is one of the most moving gestures in the whole sexual experience.

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