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If you have a love-relationship it is important that you continue with these exercises as they reinforce your positive thinking patterns and counteract any disturbing thoughts that might come up.

You may also use these techniques with your lover in order to improve each other’s self-image and the love between you.

You may even take turns in making positive loving statements about each other while gazing deeply into your lover’s eyes.

Combine this with simultaneous breathing and meditation sessions and soon you will see that you feel closer on an emotional and spiritual level.

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True contentment means fulfillment on all levels. If you are in a committed relationship, it is all too easy to turn to your lover for all your emotional and psychological needs.

In fact, it is very rare the case in which one person is capable to fully satisfy another’s needs and desires. For instance, the relationship may be based on true love and affection, but there might be major intellectual differences.

Maybe one of the two lovers is interested in opera and philosophy and the other in rock music and cars. If you keep looking to the other to fulfill each other’s needs on every level, you may quickly drain that relationship.

For this reason, it is vitally important to have a wide circle of friends that can offer you the mental, spiritual or emotional stimulation you need.

These friends should include persons of the same sex, who can fulfill some of your needs in ways your lover could not, belonging to the “opposite” sex. The spiritual nourishment that comes from this bondage is very important.

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However, our suggestion is to share all your experiences with your lover, provided that he or she is able to understand or at least listen to you. Sharing your experiences only brings you closer, enhancing the intimacy and trust between you.

There are some issues that come up that you cannot discuss with your lover, or any member of the opposite sex, case in which you greatly benefit from talking to a person of the same sex with you, who has a natural understanding of your situation.

Men and women relate more easily to members of their own sex, and they more easily reach a “meeting of minds”, which is rarely achieved with one’s lover.

Women usually find it easier to confide to one another, but men may find joy and sympathy in such relationships as well.

Friends can provide communication, empathy, and support that comes from shared interests and a similar outlook.

However, if you and your lover are willing to try and truly understand each other as complex and different human beings, the result will be greatly beneficialial for your relationship.

Tantra Magazine
Taking into consideration all the things that have been said so far, we may say that the process of self-discovery is an ongoing process, without deadline or ending, which may take a lifetime and still leave things undiscovered.

The ancient sages have stated the importance of knowing yourself, with the good and with the bad – see the inscription above the entrance in the temple of Delhi.

If we are to benefit from the experience and wisdom of our predecessors, this should be the first place to start with, because only if we get to a real understanding of ourselves can we understand and love other persons as well.