You probably consider you’re all grown ups by now and that you know all there is to know about lovemaking.

Some of you, bolder and braver, may even consider themselves as experts. Oh, well, even so you still have to be aware that one learns for as long as one lives, so your learning will never cease.

Besides, you can’t consider you know everything about lovemaking till you control the sexual energy, guiding it along the spine in order to experience more and more refined orgasms .

It is necessary to become aware, gradually, of the most refined sensations that appear in your body during foreplay and intercourse for experiencing elevated orgasms.

So, let’s make a wonderful journey on the land of erogenous zones.

Definition: the erogenous areas are those parts of his body that become sensitive and make them excited at touch.

Classification: there are two categories: the primary areas (which are so excitable because of the powerful vascularization) and secondary areas (activated through erotic gestures; the “awakening” of these zones depend on the sexual compatibility between the lovers).

Practical method: while your lover is lying in the bed, blindfold him, and get busy kissing, licking, biting, tickling. The sensitive areas are: lips, tongue, neck, earlobes, thighs, buttocks.

Many men love being bitten by their nipples and tips of the fingers. If you do this, you will notice that his penis will stand up, asking for your attention.

Make him lie down, relaxed, feet apart. Caress him on one knee, beginning with the knee, going on up the inner side of the thigh, towards the testicles.

Go down again before reaching the testicles, tracing an imaginary S on the inner side of the thigh there is a part that hides very sensitive nerves.

Touch them as if by mistake and he will feel electrocuted with pleasure. Do not touch his testicles at this time. Making him wait for it will only add to the erotic tension.

The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis, so be careful when you touch it. Your hand or mouth should be quite wet or lubricate, so you won’t hurt it. Pass your fingers or tongue over the frenulum, exercising a certain pressure.

The area situated between the anus and the sex, the perineum is quite sensitive in the case of men. Press that area to sense the origins of the “volcano” (here it is the physical projection of the Muladhara chakra ), which is quite exciting for both of you. It is an intimate and hidden place, whose exploration could bring great pleasure.

Pull the scrotum at the base of the penis. But be careful! This requires gentleness.

You can help your lover to learn sexual continence by increasing gradually the intensity of pleasure when you caress his penis. When you notice that he is getting close to the point of non-return, you have to stop caressing his penis, letting him become calm and relaxed.

You have to become skillful with your hands. The movement is up and down. Unfortunately, the practice is not always as easy as the theory.

The most important thing is the rhythm. You may vary the tightness, but do not lose the rhythm – this is crucial for the sexual sensations that you awake in him, gradually. In this way, he will become more aware of his sexuality.

There are two ways men do the self-stimulation: dry and lubricated. Dry is when he presses his frenulum with his fingers, moving the foreskin up and down. The sensations become more and more intense as the rhythm is accelerated.

The lubricated variant is the same, only he rubs on his palms some oil or other lubricant before starting the masturbation. The movements are the same, up and down, only the sensations are not as intense as in the previous case.

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