Practical method: let’s see how skillful you are now! Pass your hands over your lover’s penis, gently, and if you consider it fit, you may even use some lubricant.

Some men prefer to have their frenulum stimulated, others prefer the “top”. The rhythm of your movements should become quite intense as he approaches the point of return (which is very close to the point of non-return). Then you should stop, guiding his energy upwards, by passing one hand over his belly, chest and neck.

While you offer him pleasure, try massaging his testicles or perineum. Most men insist on the frenulum, which is the male equivalent of the clitoris. Take care as the penis becomes very sensitive when very stimulated.

If you find it difficult to control the rhythm, place your lover’s hand over yours and thus he may guide you for his pleasure.

Rub some lubricant on your hands, circle his penis and rub it firmly up and down. Pay attention not to harm him, nonetheless.

The men love oral sex not only because it makes them feel so very good, but also because they feel you accept them. Even the fact that you are open for oral sex is auspicious.

Men usually become terribly excited by visual stimuli, so ensure that the light is good and do not avoid looking into his eyes while you kiss him down there.

Practical method: start by licking his penis – this is very pleasurable and help with the lubrication.

Grab him in between your lips and seal him as if circling with a ring. The pressure you will apply to him will be extremely pleasurable.

Move your head up and down, allowing him to penetrate you as much as you feel comfortable. Insist on the head, as it is the most sensitive spot, and meanwhile massage his testicles. Imagine that you suck a candy bar or the finger, encircling it with your tongue.

Continue until you feel your lover is getting close to the point of non-return. Then stop and let him be overwhelmed by the erotic sensations that spread in all his body. You may even use your hands to caress and slightly press his testicles.

The men love to be touched all over their body with their lover’s breasts. Anyway, don’t get upset even if your breasts are not impressive. The important thing is your playfulness and inventiveness.

And some massage oil, so that your breasts not only shine, but become slippery. From now on, let your fantasy run wild. You may rub the oil over your breasts yourself, while looking daringly into his eyes, or you may make him rub the oil on your breasts. Also, you may go on top, or you may let him take over and enjoy himself.

Now, make him lie back, and start kissing him from the neck downwards, as if you intend to go down on him. He will be anxious for you to do it, but he will also be up for a surprize.

Look him boldly in the eye as you go down, and then caress his belly with your hair, if you can afford it. You may deceive him even more, pretending that your orality is for real.

Kiss him gently and then bring your breasts over his penis. This will make his fantasy run wild. Caress his frenulum with your errect nipples, and be sure this will drive him out of his mind!

Then take the initiative and squeeze him in between your breasts. Let him find the rhythm he likes, while you experience the joy of giving. A variant of this will be you lying back and him on top of you. He may now move as he pleases.

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