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The most simple and very efficient way to overcome routine and boredom in a sexual relationship is to ask the other one what she/he would like to us to do, so that things go better.

The sexual news cannot always solve the problems; they might just give a momentary help. It is more useful to study a book having this subject, like Kama sutra and to correctly and systematically practice the ideas that we like best, of course, if the beloved one also agrees.

A fundamental advice is always to aim to the wisest solution in all that you do.

Many couples consider that they should make love only when everything is ok in their lives when both of them feel in love, happy and satisfied.

But these couples could easily become bored as they ignore erotic states that might be called the angry love, the pure love, the shy love, the unchained love, the total love, the still love, which are in fact aspects of the erotic live related to every human feeling.

Thus, the states are each time different and it is important to be receptive and open to the variety of unique states and erotic situations.

We should not become boring and we should make each date be different from the other; thus you could make your bedroom be erotic, romantic, pleasant and attractive.

Tantra Magazine
It is worth taking care of the place where we make love, as much as of the way we do it. May be there should be an exterior detail that is every time different.

In the end it is important not to hurry to the bathroom or to fall asleep, but for at least 7-10 minutes we should sincerely and delightfully share our states talking about how wonderful it was.

Marriage is not that of long boredom unless you make it so. If you feel frustrated by the idea of a lifetime sexual relationship, do not imagine that it is only you. Discussed with your beloved as it is most probably that she/he has the same thoughts.

It does not mean that you should immediately run in a search for another relationship as, in this case you will only create new problems that could irremediably affect your relationship.

Why dont you discuss the possibility of flirting with others up to an allowed point. In fact, this can make you feel appreciated and attractive and does not make anyone jealous, if you remain faithful.

The persons of opposite sex do not disappear if you get married…Thus, it is natural for us to meet, communicate with people we are attracted to. Some couples share the erotic fantasies they have with persons they have met thus, diminishing a possible problem caused by the fantasy.

Learn one from the other what mostly attracts you at the beings of opposite sex and then use this information to change something in your appearance, clothes, actions or sexual life.

We all have something to learn from the others. If we do it delicately and harmoniously, without oppressive forcing the other to change, this will be a wonderful way to develop our relationship.

Tantra Magazine

There are many who consider their lover something that is always at their disposal. This attitude has caused a weakening of the couple, routine, problems, divorces. Nowadays, this egoistic idea slowly changes as many are afraid of the AIDS.

Many persons have realized that is worth making more effort to harmonize a relationship than to give up to it and look for a new one.

The experience proves that almost all the unsolved problems from the erotic sexual life of a couple will come out again and again, in the new couples that we then have.

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