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People take great delight in feel or hear that they are a special presence, that they are wanted and that are fascinating. They love that “come and go, leave me alone, don’t leave me!” Indulge them! Flirt!

When you meet her, do not be rigid as a stake, and mute as a funeral stone. You’ve been waiting for this moment forever! So smile, talk and … flirt! In another words, conquest her!

You do not have to be of a certain age, nor to look in a certain way. To flirt you don’t need recipes, but merely playing in an intelligent and charming manner, so that the interlocutor is happy. So, how do we flirt, still?

I met a beautiful woman, in her mid 30’s, who, getting closer to a man who attracted her particularly, said: “Sir, you resemble astonishingly to my third husband!” “Really?” he answered. “And how many husbands did you have?” “Two” was the prompt answer, accompanied by an accomplice smile. He offered her his arm, and they left together.

Unquestionably, flirting is the first secure step in erotic conquests. It is an homage, a tribute to the opposite sex, a way of saying “I LIKE YOU!” this is all!

And this in the most varied and most personal ways, ranging from sinuous movements of the body to the special games of meanings, and then to the electrifying bodily contact.

Tantra Magazine
The flirt is the art of being seductive and irresistible, of resorting subtly to a whole arsenal of insistent looks, fine allusions, and significant gestures.

In fact, this is a very incentive behavior, hidden beneath an innocent appearance. It is a pleasant game in which you find an infinity of nuances: an enticing smile, a sensual glance, the passing of a hand through the hair, the ostentatious uncovering of a thigh, a sensuous “Ah!” slipped through curved lips, and so on and so forth.

Knowing how to use a playful language or expressions with more than one meaning, how to glance at the other and let him or her immediately grasp at your meaning, or how to sketch a gesture – all these will inevitably attract the two of you into a common universe, even for fractions of seconds – yet how long and intense moments.

Flirting is a manner of being always full of energy and attractive. It does not end once you met the right one for you. Keep on flirting! Otherwise, someone else will do it instead you.

It is all a subtle and charming game, an amusing way of saying: “I dare you! Do you dare answer back?” All these, of course, happen considering the other person’s reaction.

Flirting is a society game that may be encountered everywhere: among pupils, students, at work, even amongst Congressmen. Preconceived ideas, fears, absence of trust, may determine many people to avoid flirting.

Why? Flirting is not a crime. It is a manner of getting close to someone, of making him or her part of a enticing and attractive game, and the other person will feel rather flattered that annoyed. So stop hesitating, and begin flirting. Nobody can take advantage of a situation unless you allow them to.

Are you in love? Does the other deserve your attention? Flirting is the best way to get somebody’s attention. Flirting may be flattering and even exciting for someone.

Tantra Magazine

A wise saying goes as follows: “Performance requires training”. Do you want to be a master in the art of flirting? Practice! Be confident and you will also be successful!

You are all that someone might desire, including the love of your life! Prove him or her that you are unique! Overwhelm the special someone in your life with your attention.

Ask tens of questions, listen to every word, and they will be convinced that each word they say is extremely important for you.

Moreover, be generous, pay them lots and lots of compliments! For instance: you have the silkiest and softest skin that ever existed! Your thighs are extraordinary, your walk is irresistible, you look so great that I get dizzy simply by looking at you.

Answer flirting to flirting. Look into his or her eyes, eye contact is very important. And during all this while talk! Smile! Flirt! The effect will come soon!