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“Sexual interaction is comparable to water and fire. Water and fire can kill man or help him, depending on how they are used.”

PAO, the plain master

“Reject all reasoning about sex; practice some special exercises. To be able to make love and not emit is the secret of returning the semen. Increasing and aiding the semen is the way of the life-force.”

Plain Woman’s advice to the Yellow Emperor

Losing the creative potential leads inevitably to the diminishing of the affective and spiritual availabilities that make the difference between humans and animals. The beneficial use of these potential permits the humans to obtain long-lasting happiness.

According to millenary spiritual learning the human has got several faculties that allow him to overcome the empirical, common reality that limits him. He is capable of using his body’s possibilities through using all the transmuting processes far beyond his biological functions.

He sings, dances, laughs and does so many things that the Bios had never even taken into account. Why not? – on condition that he will not interfere with the laws of the growing and of harmony that represent the natural order of life.

The sexual function can be the reason of some enriching practices, perfectly natural ones, all part of the Macrocosm , without interfering with the natural order of life. Then everything changes and because of the unifying transfiguring there will be a huge potential underlined.

Life itself, experienced in love will help spontaneously to sublimate everything. If we still have something else to do after that, it’s to realize the wealth of the energy that is launched impetuously in order to make us live a new life, to enjoy with all our being the happiness of being a human, a being that is united with another being, empathetically and totally, through love.

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These moments are often too short. We would like to make them longer but the explosive orgasm makes them part of it too soon and become triumphant over them and over us.
There are some practices that can prolong the orgasm through a conscious use of inner energies of a human.

It (the orgasm) can also be controlled so that we can experience it numerously, without ejaculation. This will allow us to start and know indefinitely more orgasms without seminal waste. Then the sexual act can be prolonged indefinitely and started again at will.

The vital energy is stimulated and the celebration of the body, experienced as an extraordinary happiness, lasts as long as wanted. Beside these superior fundamental practices the sexual act supposes exhaustion, the diminishing of vitality and a fade pleasure.

It is an intense physical activity that can also lead to exhaustion and extreme tiredness. Then there is the weary. At that moment it stops being the euphoric celebration of the beginning. It becomes an abuse with all its consequences.

For a better understanding we present you two graphics that show the two types of orgasm: the orgasm with discharging of the sexual energy (through ejaculation in man’s case and through explosive orgasm in woman’s case) and the prolonged orgasm that is attained during intercourse with sexual continence .

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The orgasm with sexual energy discharging is very intense but it lasts a very short time. In addition you lose a lot of vital energy and you feel exhausted.

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The orgasm without sexual energy discharging is a sequence of more and more intense orgasms.

Here it is a Taoist method for avoidance of premature ejaculation:

Once you have fully aroused the woman, you will be ready to penetrate her. Should you enter her with your penis at maximum size? If you are a skilful Taoist or Tantric lover, you may enter your woman when you please. But if you are a beginner in controlling of the sexual energy, you may prefer to cool down somewhat.

A very efficient procedure for those who are to quick on the trigger requires a bowl of cold water. The technique is simply to dip your penis into the cold water until erection has diminished about 50%. This should take a few moments.

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After your brief swim you may arouse her greatly by stirring the penis around the outside of the vagina. You have to breath slowly and deeply while stirring. Your lover’s entire body will ache for receiving you. When you finally introduce your penis into her vagina, she feels as if the world flowed into her.

Unlike the ordinary men, you have not coughed forth your vitality shortly after entry. When others are dead, you are just being born inside of her. Your lover has already been mounting for quite some time. You are beginning to climb.

The goal is not to climb just one peak together, but an entire sequence of mountains, each higher and with a more profound view than the previous peak. This is a journey into yourself and it requires some disciplined training, but you will enjoy the training with your lover in bed.