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Fantasy is a regular part of our love life. We make recourse to it very often, aware of it or not.

For instance, when we imagine making love to someone or we remember the pleasant moments spent with our beloved, while engaged in other activities that demand our attention.

When we are making love we can even visualize intensely some images that stimulate us.

In the Kama Sutra we find a description of the “transferred love”. This means making love with a person while thinking about another.

Without doubt each of us have imagined, once at least, that we are making love with a movie star or with a music idol without feeling guilty for these harmless fantasies.

We all carry around a hidden psychic “luggage”: half remembered thoughts, memories, day-dreams. All these are part of our being.

Tantra Magazine
While making love (with somebody who most probably has a psychic burden, just like us, yet with a different content), we can take from our minds the transient physical attraction for a movie star and even a major obsession. The act of lovemaking is the self-therapy nature has gifted us with.

The dreams we have while sleeping are not so much under our control and we usually forget them when waking up.

This is the reason why the psychologists often advise couples to keep a dream-diary so that the lovers find their mutual inspiration in the other’s fantasies.

This kind of experience usually is quite interesting and full of satisfaction, as the lovers have the opportunity to fulfill their “wildest” dreams and share them with their beloved.

These games usually are useful and extremely pleasant. However, if we notice that this “expedition” inside the subconscious causes any inquietude or soreness to any of the two lovers, we must stop the game immediately.

The Eastern erotic literature recommends the achievement of the “transferred lovemaking” in a special manner.

Tantra Magazine

We always begin with the image of the one we are making love to – and his/her only – we visualize him or her as an ideal, perfect person, resembling to a god.

Then the imaginative act of love is transformed in that transfiguration process of which the poets are speaking in their love lines.

Oh God, what a joy is to be loved but what a blessing is to love.


Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.