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The allover massage can not replace any of the erotic “manoeuvre” belonging to the sensual massage but it has the basic role of relaxing the body and preparing it for the proper erotic massage.

That is why it has to be done very well, taking into consideration the following recommendations:
1. It is absolutely necessary to perform the manoeuvres symmetrically, on both sides of the body.
2. The head massage is one of the “key” parts that need to be massaged in order to eliminate stresses and tensions.

The local erotic massage should be applied when the body is relaxed as a consequence of the general extended massage.

It consists of the following sequences:

  • stimulation of the areas near the sexual organs;
  • proper massage of the penis, taking into consideration the penis’ reflexology;
  • massage of the “incandescent Indian rope”, consisting of 10-30 rotations in both directions, starting from the base of the penis, and ending with light pressures on the glans; light hold between fingers;
  • other applied methods: slow tractions along the axes, extensions and flexions, pinches and rolling, simultaneous smoothing from the base to the head of the penis;
  • exterior and inner massage of the prostate;
  • traction of the scrotum;
  • shaking, circular friction and light hammering of the testicles;
  • massage of perineum

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All these manoeuvres accelerate the return venose circulation, bringing additional blood in the sexual organs’ area.

The ones applied directly on the penis amplify the erection and confer a yang state, masculinity, vitality and general vigour. The robust aspect of the masculine sexual organ determines a state of self confidence and security.

The “G spot” of man is similar to the G spot of women and it is situated in the prostate area. This inner formation has a 2.5 cm length and is situated beyond the scrotum, immediately near the anus.

The prostate glands surround the junction of the sperm channels with the urethra. The prostate secretes a white, soupy, seminal liquid that represents 38% of the composition of sperm. This is where the sperm smells come from. The prostate glands contain and need a big quantity of zinc.

The Thai masseuses stimulate the prostate in two ways:
1. directly by introducing gently a finger into the anus;
2. indirectly by massaging the exterior point of the prostate glandes. Most of the men prefer this type of indirect massage.

The prostate can also be stimulated through a circular massage of the anal sphincter and of the points around the anus.

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Medicine and Tao erotic masseurs also use another point, Hui-Yin (the perineum point, situated at half distance between anus and sex).

It is a very important point for transmitting the energetic flows because of its middle position, as here the earth energy taken through the soles and the cosmic energy received through the top of the head meet.

When this “gate” is shut, it retains the vital energy. The Chinese use the silk for massaging this point, owing to its electromagnetic properties that amplify the energetic flow. Apply from 27 to 81 rotations (circular frictions).