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Another method for getting an invigorating massage is to use a regular skin brush. Use it dry and stroke your skin in the rhythm, pressure and pace you feel comfortable with.

Its advantage is that it removes the dead cells and allows the young cells to come out. It also enhances the body’s capacity to eliminate toxins, due to the improvement of the blood circulation.

This time start at your feet, and work your way up the legs, arms, buttocks, back, and front, following the direction of the blood circulation.

Shower every time after you brush your skin, to wash any dead cells. You can do this even several times a week, to leave your skin glowing with health and silky.

Your outward appearance is not a negligible aspect. It is highly important in enhancing your self-esteem, whether you are a man or a woman.

The clean skin and youthful appearance do not necessarily involve impressive bills in specialized places; instead a simple daily regime is sufficient.

Most importantly is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun and wind, preventing the pores to block and remove the dirt, dead cells and excess fat. If you are a woman, avoid wearing excess make-up and by all means cleanse your skin before going to bed.

You can get into a sensual mood even after a hard day of work if you get in touch with your body. You can perform a slight massage with creams and lotions meant to moist and revitalize your skin.

Exploring your body, even as superficially as it may seem with a good quality moisturizing cream or lotion may improve your image about yourself, in spite of the advertisers proclaiming an unreal perfection.

Start with the top part of your body, i. e. your face. Spread the face cream from the nose to the laterals and the forehead, insisting on your temples.

Slide along the sides of the nose, on the cheekbones, then on the chin, jaws and up to the ears. Finish by rubbing the cream into your neck, using an upward motion, as always on the face and neck.

Now use light touches to spread the cream or lotion over your body. Cream your chest, breasts, shoulders, down your arms.

Continue with your breastbone, belly, down your legs and feet. Here you may insist and use more firm strokes, in order to get the muscular knots and tensions out.

Tantra Magazine

Alternatively you may use a rich massage oil, olive oil or coconut oil. If you are a man, pay closer attention to the muscles around the shoulders and arms, as well as the legs.

You may further enhance your relaxation by adding your favorite aromatherapy oil into the massage lotion, cream or oil, or you may also use the specific effects of the oils you have in order to get into a mood you desire: active, energetic, or sensual, relaxing.

Jasmine is a safe, attractive, sensual oil meant for relaxation and harmony, it can also ease stiff, aching muscles.

Through these caresses you will get to know your body and love it for the good friend that it is.

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