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Caring for your body is important for building up self-esteem and self-confidence.

Try to be interested in your physical shape without becoming obsessed with it, as a good session of the sport you like usually enhances your mental and physical well being, due to the greater quantity of oxygen that gets into your body.

When physically unfit, you usually tend to feel more lethargic and to lack interest in the world and the people around you. If single, you will most likely be less interested in looking for a lover.

Low self-esteem will certainly be transmitted to others and this will have echoes in the way they consider you.

Similarly, if you are involved, you may lack the enthusiasm, vitality and self-confidence required for the commitment of a relationship.

Moreover, lovemaking is a physical activity and requires a minimum of physical fitness. Consequently, the fitter you are, the greater your appetite for lovemaking, and the greater your enjoyment of it.

Physical exercises have direct, noticeable effects on the lungs, heart, circulatory system; lowers cholesterol levels and helps lose fat.

Tantra Magazine
The ancient Eastern sages have transmitted to us certain exercises and different techniques that release the muscular tensions within our body, tensions that we may even be unaware of.

Tensions that reside within our body for a long time will cause emotional blocks and repressed feelings, inhibiting the natural flow of energy, including sexual energy.

These blocks ultimately prevent the oxygen to reach the cells, as your capacity to breathe correctly and deeply reduces under pressure. Breath awareness and certain Hatha Yoga exercises can help relax and expand tense areas of the body.

The chronic tension built up in the body is known as “muscular armor”. This armor needs to be released if the individual is to gain emotional freedom, vitality and mental tranquility.

We have here a set of asanas that will help you get rid of the tension and regain your vital balance, quite needed for any activity:

  • Padahastasana – 3-7 minutes
  • Bhadrasana – 3-5 minutes
  • Pashchimottanasana – 3-5 minutes
  • Virasana – 5 minutes on each side
  • Ardha Chandrasana – 3 minutes
    Chakrasana – 3 minutes

  • Sukhasana – 7 minutes for each side
  • Yoniasana – 3 minutes, Sarvangasana 3 minutes
  • Halasana – 5 minutes

At the end of the session, perform the complete yogic relaxation, as presented in the Yoga section of our site.

A regular self-massage program is responsible for your looking so good and relaxed. Self-massage is good as it stimulates the circulation, and makes you more sensually responsive. It usually improves the self-image and leads to a better knowledge of yourself and your own energies.

Tantra Magazine

Start as usually, with the upper part of your body. Massage your head with circular movements, pressing as hard as you find it effective and comfortable.

Massage the temples, the face, following with some strokes meant to invigorate your muscles. Tap over your facial muscles, going down to the shoulders and neck. Gently stroke your muscles of the arms and even the ribcage.

Finally, use long, vigorous strokes of the side of your hands to finish the massage of your feet and legs. This massage tones the muscles and boosts the circulation, but above all has an unprecedented advantage: you know best what kind of strokes and pressure you need.

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