Masters and Johnson, the famous American specialists in sexology, implemented a sexual training program for their patients. This program is a pattern of learning how to make love in a delicious way. Let’s take a look over parts of this training.

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We come to you with a new game, whose name is “let’s awake the pleasure”. You will play it with your lover, by easily striking, rubbing, caressing and massaging every centimetre of your lover’s body.
The first rule of the game: Do not start with the genitalia!

Do not make love as a preparation for this game. The two lovers should enjoy the sensations and the sublime feelings offered by these touches alone.

The “prohibition” regarding lovemaking has a very important psychical effect that consists in inducing a state of relaxation in both lovers. Thus, the possibility of the appearance of inner inhibitions and fears is much diminished.

At this phase of relaxation each lover can enjoy these first steps of the erotic sexual game by finding out the other’s erogenous zones.
“Take things easy” is perhaps an approximate translation of these ideas concerning the awakening of erotic pleasure .

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Explain to your lover that you will end by making love with him/her, but only after his/her entire body will be thrilled by pleasure, yearning for more of the exquisite erotic pleasure you are offering. Probably in the beginning your lover won’t understand what you mean and he/she should want to reach faster the proper intercourse, but you must not give in. Soon she/he will understand that your motive has a deep meaning.

In the therapeutic version of the pleasure awakening game, the two lovers are encouraged to indicate to one another some touches that make them experience this game in a very passionate way.

With a little patience and practice, each lover will draw in mind veritable erotic maps of the other’s body and each of them will know the right moment for caressing or massaging the genital organs of his/her lover.

During the foreplay, you are often tempted to massage and to stimulate more the genital organs and less the rest of the body. The other parts of the body must also be included in this game. It is also possible to obtain a spontaneous orgasm even in this phase, before the proper lovemaking.

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This situation is possible because of the delicious intimacy that is generated by mutual confidence and by the fact that each of them knows what the other likes most. Total abnegation is also an essential condition for achieving a charming erotic relaxation with your lover.

At last you will deeply want to make love. Reaching this point, in the above-mentioned way, and using all the methods of pleasure awakening you will get the maximum of the sexual arousal.

If you continue to practise these techniques even during lovemaking, you will quickly reach the most-dreamy orgasm named by experienced person “a dilatation in infinite”. The beauty of this method consists in the fact that if you feel tense at a certain moment, you could always make a step back to retry the game.

In woman’s case, if she doesn’t reach the culminating moment despite all the pleasures offered by her lover, it is recommended for her to use a vibrator. In certain situations, the more intense stimulation offered by a vibrator is exactly what a woman needs to go over the barrier that she would never passed in other way.

It is totally possible that the use of a vibrator during this game and what is unknown is the fact that the man could also feel intense pleasure by stimulating his woman with the vibrator, feeling her thrills of pleasure through the magical act of empathy.