From time to time at least, each of us has been delighted with a bird’s song, with the softness of a cat’s fur or with the beauty of a nude woman.

Nevertheless, our ability to perceive all such things gets “worn out” over time, especially because we don’t focus enough upon our senses.

We listen to music while speaking on the telephone, we eat while reading the newspaper, and we fail to notice the beauty of nature during a Sunday walk because we are extremely busy discussing politics.

The result of all these habits is that we feel very little from our sense interactions. This is why what we feel, sometimes seems unimportant and insignificant to us. Therefore awakening and amplifying the capacity of feeling and perceiving things is obviously a necessity.

After this, certain sensations experienced by means of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing will become great sources of pleasure for us.



Lover A is active and lover B is passive. It is recommended that the one who has the receptive role be blindfolded, because this will make him more able to focus on each sensation, thus eliminating any disturbing elements that may appear during this wonderful exercise.

The element of surprise is very important and this is why the lover who is the “receiver” shouldn’t know what to expect.

If you are the one who has the active role, you should include in your plan everything that you think will make this moment a totally special and unforgettable experience. You should begin your plan by creating and amplifying a special atmosphere.

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As a source of inspiration, you can think to the wonderful landscape of a magical garden similar to those described in the Persian mythology, in which the lovers, dressed in silky garments, are surrounded by almond trees in bloom and by fragrant flowers; they are wrapped up in the inebriating sounds of exotic music, in the murmur of a crystal clear spring, in the delicious caress of a breath of wind; the two lovers touch each other tenderly, offering fruits to one another.

After a clear and intense evocation of such a delightful place, come back to where you are and, while preparing the room, keep firmly in your mind the thought that you will invite your lover on a travel to Eden.

It is recommended for you to arrange the respective place as for a sensual feast, making sure that the air is fresh and fragrant; it is indicated to use natural exotic scents, which will create the clear impression of some mysterious far-off realms.

The light should be obscure; you may use some candles and find appropriate music for each sense you want to arouse in your lover. It is also important to choose very enjoyable music and to have some quiet moments between the different phases of your game, which should be divided into five stages, for each of the five senses.

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In the middle of the room, in front of your lover, place an object which corresponds to each of the five senses: a fragrant oil, a musical instrument, an object that should suggest a sensual touch, a piece of soft fur for example, various kinds of aphrodisiac food: grapes or raisins, bananas, slices of pineapple, chocolate etc.

You shouldn’t play this game after a sumptuous dinner, because your ability of perceiving tastes will be seriously diminished. Your game should last about an hour.

In order to describe the practical part of this game, it is necessary for us to imagine that the woman will play the active role and her lover – the receptive one, although there is no rule in this respect.

After preparing the room in which the experience will take place, she will go into the next room and will blindfold her lover, explaining to him that from that moment on it won’t be necessary to talk.

Then, she will whisper lovingly to him: “Relax totally and enjoy this wonderful trip we are going to make together. Remember to breathe deeply whenever you experience something new. Trust me and be totally open up to what will happen. Now I will take you with me on a magical travel to another time and place. All you have to do is to be completely open, to breathe deeply and relax.”

Then she will gently take him to the room she has arranged, without hurrying, keeping her mouth close to his ear, to remind him to breathe deeply and to encourage him. From this moment on, you can start arousing every sense, one by one.

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After sitting her lover down on the carpet, she will slowly bring different pleasant natural scents and fragrances to him (it is indicated to begin with volatile oil of mint), taking care not to touch him directly, so that he might inhale these fragrances deeply and one by one.

Leave one or two minutes between two different fragrances; during these breaks, you may listen to some different sorts of music. This will awake and amplify the man’s ability to anticipate the next step.

Next, the sense of smell should be extended to an accompanying state of mind, like the state of purity. This is why she should keep a spray above her lover’s head containing natural volatile oils and spray a few squirts over his head, in order to get an ineffable refreshing effect. If necessary, again encourage him to breathe as deeply as possible.

Those who practice yoga will be aware of the awakening of MULADHARA CHAKRA (the region between anus and genitals).


For this phase the music should be changed to sensual erotic music. Next take a grape or a raisin on a toothpick and dip it into a glass of honey, then bring it close to your lover’s nostrils, observing attentively how he tries to guess the taste with his sense of smell and how impatient he is to feel it.

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After a minute or two, she caresses his lips tenderly with the grape, offering the delicate roundness of the fruit to his mouth and leaving a small drop of honey. Watch how anxious he is to catch that grape and play with it a little, in a most sensual and inciting way.

Finally, she presses his lips firmly until they are half-open, allow the fruit to slide into his mouth. Then dip a finger into the honey and slowly she caresses her lovers’ lips in a most exciting way without hurrying at all.

After a minutes break, during which they listen to music, he will also taste a piece of chocolate; she should leave him some time to get familiar with the new taste and then pass to the next step.

A wonderful night is to follow, a night during which you will be eager to make love with sexual continence, in the most beautiful way, because you feel more open to each other than ever.

For those who practice yoga, it is necessary to focus upon the awakening of SWADHISTANA CHAKRA (the region above the sexual organs).

We hope we have aroused your interest for such delightful experiences. Now, we leave it to your imagination to make the scenarios for arousing the other three senses: sight, touch and hearing. Good luck!