In the traditional medicine, the plants are associated with the planets, and they are prescribed corelated with precise astral configurations. These correspondances are based on the capacity of the plants to modulate and/or amplify the resonance with the various planets and to reduce their influence with opposed qualities.

Balancing the astral influxes (for instance the solar with the lunar, the martian with the venusian, the mercurian and the jupiterian) the person reaches the state of inner unity of the contraries, the harmony, regaining thus one’s health and well-being.

The famous Engligh phytotherapist Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654) was treating all his patients after he established the disturbed astral flux that was in fact the cause of the disease.

This method of treatment has not lost its effectiveness to this day, and it was used even in the modern, contemporary day by westerner phytotherapists such as Elizabeth Brooke, as well as by practitioners of the Hindu medicine, Ayurveda , such as David Frawley and Vasant Lad, authors of the original Ayurvedic guide ” Yoga of the Herbs”.

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Chamomille was considered in the antique Egypt the flower of the solar god. This quality is sustained by the beneficialial effects of the Chamomille in a series of disorders caused by the disturbance of the solar flux in a human being: fever, weak sight, inflamations, head-aches, circulatory diseases, excessive iritability.

The correspondance is also suggested by the form of the Chamomille flower, bringing to mind the radiant solar disk. In the ancient traditions the form is considered as a manifestation of a certain type of subtle energy.

As it represents the force of life, the sun has the capacity of regenerating the physic and the psychic levels, destroying the evil and restoring the health.
Therefore, as it modulates the solar energy in the human body, Chamomille is rightfully known as “the universal cure” for all diseases.

Sunflower, in its tireless rotation after the sun, reminds one of the wise man who is ceasantly in search of God:

“A wise man is by definition a person who never choses. He or she does not chose between right or wrong. He or she acts intuitively in accordance to the universal harmony. Just like the Sunflower. When the sun comes up, the Sunflower is facing east. When the sun sets, the Sunflower faces west. All it does is to follow the sun.” (Osho – “The Science of the Soul”)

Just like the Chamomile, the Sunflower eases down the fever. Its flowers and leaves are also used in the treatment of the throat and respiratory disorders. The Sunflower oil strengthens the body, brings energy and vitality, because its ruler is the sun.

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Galium verum is considered a magical plant in the medical folklore. The popular name of these flowers is in fact the name of certain fairies who can be seen dancing in the forests on a particular night of the year, 24th of June.

The most known of these fairies is Iana, the Sister of the Sun. Who else is known as the Sister of the Sun if not the moon itself, the patron of these sacred plants in the medical astrology?

Galium verum is also used in marriage rituals in Romania, rituals performed on the 23rd of June, the day previous to the fairies’ dances. The lunar energies carried by this plant symbolize in this context the call towards sexual union.

They also have the gift of protecting the people from evil spirits. Therefore the peasants prepare bouquets of fresh Galium Verum and decorate with them the doors and the windows from their houses.

From a medical point of view, Galium verum represents a basic remedy for limphatic disorders, which are causes by a perturbance of the lunar energies.

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Sweet anais or traditional fennel is offered to the young mother before her child is 41 days old. As a plant of mercurian type, the planet ruling communication, Sweet anais helps the establishment of a profound connection between the mother and her newly-born child.

The child who is breast-fed receives with his or her milk the subtle energy of the Sweet anais, represented by the energy of the maternal love.

Sweet anais stimulates the lactation and favors the process of communion between the two, mother and child, reason for which it is recommended that young women consume Sweet anais during their last weeks of pregnancy and while they are breadt-feeding.

Other indications of use: asthm and bronchitis, typical disorders for people in whose astrogram Mercury has bad influences.

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Sambuchus nigra one of the Chelts’ sacred trees, was used by them in initiation rituals of the young girls in the mysteries of feminity. Sambuchus nigra is related to Venus and consequently it works with fenimine and masculine energies.

Its subtle energy suggests why it has been used in sexual magic. In Romania, the young girls say certain magic formula under a Sambuchus nigra tree, in order to attract the boys. The Sambuchus nigra flowers are also used by healers as cataplasms in the treatment of amigdalitis, a typical venusian disorder.

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Crataegus oxycantha is a small bush, with sharp thorns. It is regarded as sacred, because it is said that the “crown” of thorns placed on Jesus’s forehead on the day of the crucifixion.

This is how the Christian healers justify the property of the Crataegus oxycantha to heal the elimination of the thorns that got into the skin.

As a plant of martian energy, Crataegus oxycantha acts on the cardiac muscles and is very useful for people with heart disorders. This plant is also effective in other disorders typical to a disturbed martian flux of energy: hypertension, muscular spasms, colics, etc. It is used with caution in cases of ulcer or colitis.

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The people initiated in the vegetal esoterism say that if one rubs Taraxacum officinale all over the body, one will be welcome in all places and will reach well-being. This seems natural if we recall that Jupiter, the ruler of Taraxacum officinale is the planet of prosperity, comfort and success.

The plant is also known as a hepatic remedy, as all the liver conditions are caused by bad aspects of the planet Jupiter in the personal astrogram.

Taraxacum officinale is also helpful in other pathological situations characterized by a disturbed jupiterian flux of energy, such as obesity, chronic disorders of the skin, hemorrhoids and dispepsia.

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The name of this plant is related to the use of its stem as a candle.

The candle light is the symbol of the ascending life, of the soul reaching up to the heaven.

Analogically speaking, the saturnian candle light (charged with Saturn’s energy – the planet of fidelity, renounciation, chastity and religion) can help us open up towards the superior, sacred aspects present inside each of us to a smaller or greater degree.

This plant is also useful in the treatment of various typical saturnian disorders: ear problems, excess of mucus in the lungs, tuberculosis, some skin problems.