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One morning, God looked at His twelve children and asked Himself what else they might lack. Suddenly, the idea to endow them with human will lightened His face. The sons stepped forward one by one in order to receive the divine gift.

I give you, Aries, my first seed that you can honorably sow. For each seed that you sow you will get other one million seeds.

You will not even have time to see any seed growing because all that you sow will abundantly fruit. You will be the first one that will sow My Idea in the human mind.

But it is not your duty to feed the Idea. Your life is action and your only goal is to make the man aware of My Creation. The one who fulfills his duty will receive the virtue of self respect.

The Aries stepped back to his place in silence. The Aries was invested with the energy of the beginning.

He has flashing ideas sometimes genius ones and wants to do more things in the same time. But usually he doesnt accomplish them. The Aries is the first star sign that is self conscious (he feels that he exists).

Tantra Magazine
You, Taurus, will be endowed with the power of turning the seed into substance. Your work is glorious and it requires patience.

You must accomplish everything that was begun otherwise the seeds spread in the wind. You will never doubt your power, you will not change your mind at half the way and you will not depend on others in order to accomplish your work. I offer you the strength, use it wisely!

And the Taurus returned to his place. The Taurus was offered the energy of stability, a big working power, trust and patience that is why he can complete any action.

Tantra Magazine

You, Gemini, are given the unanswerable questions in order to show the others what a man feels and sees around himself. In your search for the worlds deep meanings you will discover my gift: the knowledge.

The Gemini left thoughtfully. The Gemini was given the power of reason, the spontaneous understanding of things and beings.

Being very curious, he studies, looks for new information and acquires the knowledge that he wants to share with the others so that they can benefit from this knowledge, too.

Tantra Magazine

You, Cancer, will have the duty to teach people about feelings. You will make them laugh or cry. Thus, everything that they see and think will give them dissatisfaction or inner joy.

For this, you are given the gift of the family that you can increase.

And the Cancer withdrew shyly. The Cancer was offered the energy of sensibility. He makes people conscious of their states and thoughts.

He is very attracted by the family and group life because of his need of balance and emotional security.

Tantra Magazine

You, Leo, have the duty to show my bright creation to the whole world. But beware of your pride and dont ever forget that you are My creation and that the Creator is only one.

People will despise you if you forget this. You will do everything with passion and anything that you do will be beneficialial for the others.

For this, you need the nobility with which I endow you now.

The Leo imposingly returned to his place. The Leo a bright sign generated by the Sun was invested with the energy of the noble, royal force.

Endowed with vitality, firm will and authority, he accomplishes all his actions and is always rewarded for his merits.

Tantra Magazine
You, Virgo, are meant to study everything that man has created in the world that I had offered him. You will deeply watch his ways and you will warn him when he makes mistakes.

Thus, creation can be completed thanks to you. For this, you will receive the purity of mind.

The Virgo left watching carefully around. The Virgo was given the energy of reason and discrimination. Using his ingenuity, the Virgo has a practical efficiency in everything that he does. His tendency to meticulosity and exaggeration of the detail derives from his wish to make all things perfect.

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