Your sign determines your personality. It also determines your sexual preferences. Are you rather intellectually stimulated, or sensitive and romantic, or spontaneous and allusive, or do you have a wild heart and raw passion boiling inside? Do you like your senses to be stimulated slowly and thoroughly before allowing yourself to take the big orgasmic “plunge”?

Whichever you may be, we have perfect erotic positions to fit your needs. Check your sign to find out your erotic position, and then let us know if it really worked for you. Nonetheless, nothing stops you from trying other positions presented here as well…

We will begin with the earth signs:

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TAURUS (April 21st – May 20th)
The position for this sign is called “The Unicorn”.

The Taurus is wild at heart, but in the same time is gentle and abandons himself into whatever he or she does. “The Unicorn” Position makes both of you passionate and forgetful of any other thing besides your lovemaking.

How to do it: the woman lies on the bed, face down, and feet spread. The man kneels down in between her legs, and kisses and massages her back. When the pleasure reaches high levels, the woman lifts up her bottom and allows her lover to penetrate her from behind. He may now caress her breasts, shoulders, back, and clitoris.

The Taurus’ sexual style:the Taurus hate to rush, are warm at heart and sometimes may even appear as lacking sensuality. They like being lead to orgasm slowly, stimulating their every sense. Their skin answers to each stimulus. They get involved a bit more difficult, but once they became confident and once they got to trust their lover, all inhibitions will vanish and erotism will take over.

Other recommended positions are: “The Fruit of Passion” (The Virgo) and “The Orchid” (The Capricorn). As a Taurus, the touch is essential to you. Therefore, keep your satin lingerie on while making love.

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VIRGO (August 23rd – September 22nd)
The position for this sign is called “The Fruit of Passion”. This position is simply delicious and will satisfy any need for emotional intimacy.

How to do it: the man lies on the bed, feet straight ahead. The woman comes on top, and the man helps her indicating the right rhythm. A simultaneous orgasm may be the key to it all.

The Virgo’s sexual style: culture says the word: the Virgo prefers the discreet intimacy to public display. The ideal relationship for a Virgo is a passionate ritual of excitement and foreplay. The sexuality of the Virgo may often turn many heads, and this is mainly because a Virgo knows and practices most daring techniques. A Virgo is a master in delaying the pleasure until the lover begs and then the Virgo offers total pleasure.

Other recommended positions are: the positions characteristic to all earth signs: Taurus and Capricorn. These positions are: the Unicorn and the Orchid. The first provides a controlled mental orgasm, and the other will make you aware of your unbelievable libido.

A hint: as a Virgo, you like accessories: therefore a glass of champagne, strawberries and cream, feathers, and anything else you may think of are more than welcome.

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CAPRICORN (December 21st – January 19th)
The position for this sign is called The “The Orchid”. The Capricorns usually yearn for sexual experiences that will satisfy their need for domination, and this position illustrating the “body-fight” will truly fulfill one’s desires.

How to do it: the man kneels, in front of the woman and plays with the woman, orally. When they are both excited, the woman turns around with her back to the man and bends over so that he can penetrate her.

The woman lets him inside and allows him to caress her clitoris. She may also caress herself, and the waves of pleasure will take them both to unexpected heights of erotic pleasure. The woman should use the movements of her pelvis to give her lover immense pleasure.

The Capricorn’s sexual style: the Capricorn has a lot to offer, especially if they have an inspiring lover by their side. The key words for getting maximum pleasure are discretion and skillfulness.

The Capricorn likes to be caressed all over the body and to abandon himself or herself, letting go of all other things. The foreplay should be slow, so that the excitement becomes profound and persistent all through the erotic act. For the woman, the orgasmic energy is rooted in clitoridian stimulation, and for this, the man should pay attention to his tongue.

Other recommended positions: “The Fruit of Passion” and “The Unicorn”. The first will bring about an awareness of the close connection between the two lovers, and the second offers the possibilities of deep penetration.

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