Now let us move on to air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

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AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)
The recommended position for this sign is “The Peach”. The Aquarius usually is a person enjoying the intellectual dimension of lovemaking and therefore “The Peach” is a physical challenge for both lovers.

How to do it: stand one in front of the other. The shorter of the two will probably need a chair or some pillows to reach your lovers height. Begin caressing each others genitalia. Then the woman lifts one leg and encircles the mans waist with it.

The man may help the woman holding her ankle and entering her gently. The woman should determine the rhythm through pelvic swings or through vaginal contractions. If one of the two lovers needs a more passionate rhythm, they should be as open as to simply tell the other what they want. Talking while making love is one special turn on for any Aquarius.

The Aquarius sexual style It is characterized by a bright coldness. The intellectual excitation is a necessity for an Aquarius, and they are curious to experiment all kinds of methods for foreplay.

The Aquarius usually are ready to dominate or let be dominated, if they feel caressed by the gentle looks of their lover. They manifest uninhibited and free and one of the most important things about an Aquarius is that producing pleasure to their lover is just as they experience that pleasure themselves.

The erogenous areas are described clearly in many magazines and manuals, and that list should be taken care of during the foreplay. Their lover should not expect emotional intimacy to a great extend, as the Aquarius live the orgasm as a great mental experience.

Other recommend positions: the Aquarius will also love “Rub the Lamp” position (see the Gemini), which ensures total control, and “The Cherry” (see the Libra), which offers the maximum of erotic stimulation.

Hint: the Aquarius loves exotic things and experiences.

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GEMINI (May 21st – June 20th)
The position for this sign is called “Rub the Lamp”. Exhibitionist by nature, the Gemini will rub against their lover to get that emotional electrical charge they need to feel.

How to do it: the two lovers lie on one side, facing each other, so that they have full contact between their bodies. The woman lift up her knees and allows the man to enter her moist and hot vagina.

If she can, she may encircle her feet around his neck, hold his penis with her vaginal contractions, then start caressing his testicles gently and lovingly. The woman should hold him tightly inside of her and rotate together into any position she likes, after a while. This position allows them to experience total erotism, totality that is of such great importance for the Gemini.

The Geminis sexual style: their erotic expression is vibrant and sensuous. They let themselves be carried away by a series of erotic sensations. They love to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell erotism. They need all their senses to be fully satisfied, and this is not always easy to be done.

They yearn for extra-sensorial adventures. Their lovers voice whispering gently and passionately into their ear, his tongue used skillfully drive the Gemini crazy with pleasure. Their own power is an aphrodisiac in itself, and they love seeing their lover yearning to have more of their sensuality and lovemaking.

Other recommended positions: they love “The Peach” (see the Aquarius), which will make your adrenalin boost up, and “The Cherry” (see the Libra), which will fulfill their desire to be worshipped.

Hint: the Gemini love phone-sex. Therefore, make sure you take full advantage of any time apart…

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LIBRA (September 23rd – October 22nd)
The position for this sign is called “The Cherry”. The Libra understands erotism and lovemaking as a romantic experience. This is why they need a position that stresses the tenderness and that goes beyond physical closeness.

How to do it: the woman lies on her back, feet up and spread, while the man kneels before her. She caresses his penis gently and tenderly, and then he enters her. The woman lifts her legs above his shoulders and arches her back in order to make the penetration easier.

The woman may ask to man to slow down as she feels the orgasms. This position favors eye contact during lovemaking, and this enhances the intimacy between the lovers.

The Libras sexual style: the Libras have an inner magnetism that automatically leads them and their lovers on the peaks of erotic pleasure. Their ideal lover should have an impressive logic. The Libras answer wildly and passionately to their lovers caresses, and they like slow and not hasty lovemaking.

Other recommended positions: as an air sign, the Libras would certainly prefer the same positions as the Gemini, and the Aquarius. Consequently, “The Peach” and “Rub the Lamp” will be in the top for them. “The Peach” offers an unforgettable experience, while “rub the Lamp” will satisfy their need for exotic erotism.

Hint: the Libras are the slaves of passion. Therefore, a silky scarf to tie them up might prove the opening to new, unimagined horizons.

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