Now let us move to the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

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ARIES (March 21st – April 20th)
The position recommended for the Aries is “The Phoenix”. “The Phoenix” offers strong penetrations and it is one of the positions that will test the womans thighs.

How to do it: the man lies back on the bed and the woman comes on top of him. Her heartbeat goes wild as she senses the mans penis under her. She kneels and without further ado they begin to make love. The woman may squeeze him using her vaginal muscles, leading the man into paradise.

These vaginal contractions are quite pleasurable, especially if the womans muscles are trained and strong. The woman may check the Kegel exercises in order to practice these contractions.

In this position the woman is in charge of everything. However, the man may guide her so that the rhythm is not too slow nor too fast for them both.

The Aries sexual style: the Aries know what they want. They are spontaneous, allusive, dominant and sure of themselves, knowing how to get into the position they find most suitable. The pleasure should be fast and overwhelming, with a note of fury in it, and yet they love to have a foreplay that explores each millimeter of the body, with impressive orgasms .

Other recommended positions: the Aries will love “The Shell” (see the Leo), because it brings unimagined pleasures, and “The Panther” (see the Sagittarius), as this position only makes one ask for more and more…

Hint: the Aries may read some erotic literature together with their lover, as this will only add to the attraction and the intensity of the lovemaking to come.

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LEO (July 21st – August 22nd)
The position for this sign is “The Shell”. If you are a Leo or if you love maximum visual stimulation, this is the position for you.

How to do it: the man lies on his back on the bed. The woman supports herself on pillows and sits facing the man. Then she comes on top of the man, knees bent and legs spread, to favor the penetration. Then the woman lies back in the cradle made by the mans feet (his legs are also bent, and the soles touch one another).

In this position the two lovers may touch, embrace or swing, as they like. The woman may contract and relax her vaginal muscles, in order to enhance the mans pleasure. Then the woman may lies back even more and she begins to caress herself, offering her lover one of the most wanted shows on earth!

She may also encourage her lover to be just as generous. After a while, she may take his hands off and she may kiss and caress his penis herself, under his fascinated and grateful gaze.

The Leos sexual style: the sexual expression of the Leo is powerful and ardent, and a Leo will always reassert his or her erotic needs. They love to be aroused while still wearing their clothes, and they enjoy each new erotic sight, sound or sensation.

The penis between the breasts, his fingers dipped in her “juice”, the nipples becoming hard under the skillful touch of a hand or of the lips… The Leo usually likes to watch his or her lovers orgasms.

Other recommended positions: as a fire sign, we recommend “The Panther” (see the Sagittarius), for the intense pleasure experienced in this position, and “The Phoenix” (see the Aries), for satisfying the need of domination.

Hint: the Leo should have a mirror at hand so that he or she may admire their erotic performance live…

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd – December 20th)
The position for this sign is called “The Panther”. For a Sagittarius, lovemaking is a passionate and wild experience and therefore this position is suit.

How to do it: standing on ones feet in front of the bed or of the couch, the woman turns her back to the man and bends over. She supports her weight on her hands, while he slips inside of her. Then, while her center is firmly fixed, the woman moves her hips at her will, caressing her clitoris, or his penis. Both lovers will finally give in to an overwhelmingly passionate orgasm.

The Sagittarius sexual style: they are wild through definition. Therefore they love allowing their “animalic”, instinctual nature to come forth. The Sagittarius (whether man or woman) loves to have oral sex while standing.

Other recommended positions: the Sagittarius should also try “The Phoenix” (see the Aries) for total domination and orgasms at will, and “The Shell” (see the Leo) for adventurous lovemaking.

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