Now let us move to the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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CANCER (June 21st – July 20th)
The position for this sign is “The Lotus “, one of the most intimate and daring sexual positions.

How to do it: the man sits on the bed with his legs spread. The woman sits on his lap, encircling his waist with her legs, while the man helps her supporting her buttock with his hands. Then they move in their own rhythm. They both may caress and embrace each other passionately, and they may feel as clasped in the powerful embrace of the Cancer.

The Cancer’s sexual style: the erotic expression of the Cancer is powerful and intense. They like slow pleasure and the foreplay brings them on the peaks of passionality. Orgasm is the final and ultimate capitulation.

But for such complete surrender one needs total confidence in their lover. The Cancer needs to be tuned with their lover, and therefore simultaneous orgasms are quite frequent. A special turn on for a Cancer is the mirror. Does anyone have a mirror on the ceiling?

Other recommended positions: try “The Anaconda” (see the Scorpio), which develops your sensuality, and “The Dolphin” (see the Pisces), which will enhance your erotic appetite.

Hint: always have at hand smooth, silky satin sheets.

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SCORPIO (October 23rd – November 21st)
The position for this sign is “The Anaconda”. The Scorpio is best at expressing himself or herself through physical passion.

How to do it: the man lies back on the bed. The woman kneels on top of him, with her back towards him. The range of moves the woman may perform in this position is quite wide and certainly this position is fulfilling.

Find a rhythm that you both like and enjoy each other at the most. This position is one of his favorites because the visual sense is satisfied and men are particularly attracted to such positions. Moreover, the woman may benefit of supplementary clitoridian stimulation in this position.

The Scorpios sexual style: the Scorpios are usually quite enthusiastic, generous and sensual lovers. They love to be “in charge” of everything that goes on in their bedroom. Or not necessarily in the bedroom…

Other recommended positions: “The Dolphin” (see the Pisces), which will make you give in to sheer pleasure and “The Lotus” (see the Cancer), which will grant you the control.

Hint: as Scorpios, you love mystery and mysterious things. Therefore, you should try and create a mysterious atmosphere in your bedroom, with plenty of candles around the room.

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PISCES (February 19th – March 20th)
The position for this sign is “The Dolphin”. The Pisces are romantic and sensitive, and “The Dolphin” offers the right mixture of sexual intimacy and emotional pleasure.

How to do it: the woman lies on one side, and the man lies behind her, just the same. The woman moves her buttocks along the mans virile member, until she feels he is ready to enter her. The man may caress the womans breasts, and belly, and he may whisper love words in her ear. Then the woman takes him inside of her. The sensations are extraordinary. Discover your own rhythm and explore the delices of sensuality.

The Pisces sexual style: the Pisces sexual expression usually is quite charged emotionally and is very rich in sensuality. They have a special sense and are highly intuitive when they are supposed to find ways of stimulating all the erotic endings of their nerves.

You can only imagine how this sense acts on the Pisces lover. For them physical beauty is quite important. They are tender and need to be emotionally involved in order to feel sexy. Making love is a sacred experience for the Pisces. The two bodies unite and the “real” world disappears during lovemaking.

Other recommended positions: try “The Lotus” (see the Cancer), which will offer the lovers emotional and physical pleasures, while “The Anaconda” (see the Scorpio) will charm the lovers with its daringness.

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