Tantra Venus's positionThey are characterized by a great amount of curiosity, which is the main reason for which they begin a relationship.

Their feelings can be compared with the images from a kaleidoscope, which can captivate us by their beauty but are not twice the same.

They have an inborn taste for love-plays, for flirtation, for short relationships, sometimes with totally unknown people.

They manifest the tendency to have very many relationships at the same time, to which they don’t pay much attention but which can make them feel good because they don’t have the time to get annoyed.

They are not especially preoccupied by the physical interaction in itself but by the novelty.

Their sentimental life may be compared with the image of a butterfly, flying from flower to flower, never stopping in one place. The faithfulness is not their forte, and they don’t like the possessive lovers.

They don’t bother to fight for a relationship if they are confronted with some troubles, and they tend to fly away from a serious relationship.

They generally posses a very good sense of dissimulation, which help them solve their conflicts in a friendly way.

They are also endowed with a lot of spontaneity, they like the surprises and they are very communicative and you don’t risk to get bored as long as you are in their company.

This position endows the natives with a romantic disposition, which makes them look for their perfect pair and dream of the day when they meet each other.
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They are very sensitive, very tender, sweet, well disposed, and they have a very intimate charm and grace.

They can be very shy at the beginning of a relationship, but if you approach them in a very delicate way, they will begin to trust you and they will show you their warm feelings.

This position gives the natives a very deep tenderness, the power to sacrifice their own desires for the well being of the persons they love and the ability to create a warm and intimate atmosphere around them.

They love very much their family and their home for which they do anything to better protect. They also love children and it is very easy for them to take care of their children.

Sometimes this position can give the natives a certain emotional instability, a very strong need for protection and a deep attachment to the image of their mothers.

When they love someone, they do almost everything in order to be with their beloved and are able to completely ignore their needs in order to make the others happy.

They are extremely devoted to their families and are faithful to their lovers.

They are very affected by the idea of separation and they will not leave from a relationship if there is the lightest chance to save it, unless you hurt them very badly.

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